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the golden rule

the reason why i don't say 'no' is because i hate the word.  i hate hearing it.  i hate being told no.

growing up, i was always told to treat others as you would like to be treated.  at 21, i've come to realize that treating others the way you wanted to be treated doesn't work for shit.  it's exhausting.  constantly treating people well and not receiving the same treatment back.  i'm sure i've ranted about this before.  infact i feel like it wasn't too long ago.  but fuck it, life's one big ass circle and history is always going to repeat itself.  so from now on, the majority of people i interact with will get a hair more than apathy.

i'm sick of lies.  i'm sick of lying.

i'm trying to get my life on track.  and once it's there, there's no way i'm deviating from my road to greatness.

the choices you make in the past govern your future's options.  people get stuck in life when they regret the choices they've made.  fuck that.

i'm closing my eyes to everyone.  i'm gonna make millions.  the only person that hasn't disappointed me, is me.  fuck.

for all of those who are searching for the meaning of life: STOP.
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